Food Safety

Martori Farms Primus Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Audit Certificates are listed for review. Martori Farms remains committed to achieving the highest standards of Food Safety.


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Primus GFS Certificates for 2019-2020


Hot Wash


Hot Wash is a technique developed by the USDA and the University of California at Davis. It has been proven to reduce environmental Bacteria and pathogens on melons by over 99.9%.

In line with our goal to provide our customers with the highest quality and safest melons available, Martori Farms has converted its packing facilities to implement the Hot Wash Process.

Our Hot Wash tunnel is constructed of stainless steel with a stainless steel micro-chain link transport system. After grading, the cantaloupes travel through the tunnel and are continuously showered with hot water. The melons are turned at intervals to ensure complete hot water contact with the entire melon rind surface.

The melons exit the tunnel into our pressurized packing facility which minimizes exposure to outside elements. Here melons are air dried to remove residual moisture.

Next the melons are electronically sized and packed. All belts and surfaces are food grade standard, and the belts are continuously sanitized with our clean-in-place system.

Once packed, the melons are forced-air cooled to the proper temperature for shipment.


Organic Certifications

Martori Farms takes great pride in maintaining the highest standards of Certification for Organically grown produce. The link below will display our most current Organic Certification that we have achieved.


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CCOF NOP Certificate 2019-2020

CCOF GMA Certificates 2019-2020